Thought for the day.. TIME MANAGEMENT

People tell me they don’t have time, l hear it literally time and time again.

Why don’t we have time.?

Are we to busy?

Do we make excuses to get out of doing something.?

What do we do with time?

We can’t create time, except when the clocks go back or forward 

What does it mean ? 

One of those strange anomalies in life.

For example.

I have a sister and 3 brothers but my sister has 4 brothers.

I have never worked that out.

Never met him.

Answers please.

Back to time.

We all have 24 hours in a day or 168 hours in a week.

Assuming we work 5 days a week. 

We sleep an average of 7 hours.

Work an average 8 hours.

Breakfast lunch and dinner 3 hours including preparation.

Wash and bathe 1 hour or less.

Travel to and from work or school perhaps 1 hours.

Left in each day 4 hours.

This makes up 20 hours in a working week. 

plus at least an additional 24 hours on your 2 days off.

So we have 44 hours a week to do something else.

leisure/TV/sports,keep fit /playing with children or simply do nothing.

Can we make time or make excuses.


Stewart Jackson
Author: Stewart Jackson

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