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Does Your Business Need Some Help delivering your social strategy?

Many businesses simply do not understand what to do with social media, others have an understanding but always benefit from some help and support. Many Businesses simply don't know who to trust or who to turn to, We often get asked the same questions, such as the following:

How do I get more sales from social media?

How can I get my posts to reach more people?

How much time should I spend promoting my business on Social Media?

Which social media platforms should I use to promote my business?

How do I do a live video to promote my business?

How can you help us understand what to do on social media?

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We provide help and support with the following:

(Setting up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube)

Let us remove the hassle associated with setting up your additional or new social media accounts giving you more time to focus on your business.

We use our expertise to choose an appropriate account name for your business, display consistent branding, and begin building your audience.

Every business who uses social media should know where they are and where they are going.

To get your social media accounts in order, and learn what is producing results and what isn't, we always start with a social media Audit.

This process allows us to take a snap shot of how things look and identify what changes and ideas should be implemented.

We can teach you how to do your own marketing or promotion on social media or we can do this on your behalf.

We ensure that your message reaches more of your potential customers at the right time, no matter what platform they use.

We can post from your business accounts and also from our associated accounts across various platforms, improving your message reach.

Marketing your business social media platforms can be time consuming, and businesses don't know what they don't know.

Outsourcing social media to the right people who you can trust, will pay dividends. We can help with "engaging content", "building your audience of potential customers" and "Increasing the reach of your marketing message" By allowing the experts to improve your digital footprint and execute an appropriate social strategy, business owners can be secure in the knowledge that their product, service, or brand is consistently getting noticed and their business perceived in a good light.

All business require a social media policies and procedures document which will, once created, provide a clear direction of how to best operate your business online.

This living document will not just cover things like data protection, rules and regulations and legal compliance but will also detail who is authorised to compose messages on behalf of your company, and set out guidelines on how this should be done, In fact, this crucial document will help to protect your business and customers alike.

A well written document should guide, advise and inspire.

Regardless of your current level of social media Knowledge, We can provide all the education, training and tools needed to take you from zero to hero.

From Bespoke one to one remote sessions (for example using zoom) to larger group trainings on or off site, we can share with you our experience, tips and advice ensuring you have all the information and confidence you need to make a difference to your social media Marketing.

This process will help you both understand your competitors strengths and weaknesses and that of your business.

Social Media is the perfect tool to use in conducting your analysis because it is in essence the eyes and ears of the digital world.

You cant hide on Social, So learning to use social media tools to gather intelligence on your competitors can be very beneficial indeed.

Many businesses do not have a social media strategy for their business. A strategy may well change and develop and without one, its difficult to know where to start.

Social media is an ever changing landscape and your business goals and objectives may change too.

We can help you think about what is important to your business and what results you would like to achieve, with that information we can use our experience to create and implement a bespoke social strategy.

Help and support can be provided to marketing departments and business owners as and when it is needed.

We can connect remotely and send also send video tutorials to our clients which means that they can learn and action what they learn quickly, without having to attend our offices or any other training venues.

In a world where business is now done around the clock , your social media marketing shouldn't be a 9 to five job!

With that in mind, we provide telephone support to assist business owners and marketing departments, any time night or day.

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